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Anticipation 2017: International Conference CFP

     From 8-10 November 2017, Anticipation 2017 will bring international researchers, practitioners and scholars to London to explore how ideas of the future shape action in the present.

The 2nd International Conference on Anticipation provides an interdisciplinary meeting ground in which researchers, scholars and practitioners who are seeking to understand anticipation and anticipatory practices can come together to deepen their understanding and create productive new connections. The overarching aim of the conference and of the emerging field of Anticipation Studies is to create new understandings of how individuals, groups, institutions, systems and cultures use ideas of the future to act in the present.

You can find further details and submit an abstract through the website:

You can also follow and share the social media accounts as they will be used for updates in the coming months and also for engagement at the conference itself:

Twitter: @anticip2017 #anticipation2017
Instagram: anticipation2017

    The deadline for submissions is January 27th 2017.  Please email with any queries.